If you have a public event (the URL to the event is open) and an unknown person in the system for this specific event make an reservation, the system requires this individual to confirm his/her booking information.

This is to give you as an organizer a specific and accurate a participant list as possible.

Otherwise, the possibility of fraud and false bookings increases. By having to confirm your booking in the email, you eliminate all types of risks for this.

Confirm within 10 minutes - The 10 minute rule only applies if you are one of the last people trying to book at an event. That is, if 100 places are available and if a person tries to book the 99th place, then, for your sake, we do not want to lock the last place to a person who has not confirmed their booking in the email.

That's when the 10 minute rule comes into play but not before. So you can make a reservation and be one of the first to book. 30 minutes later, the booking still goes through if I choose to click the link only after this time.

So this is a security solution for you and us.

Avoid the "Confirm your booking" email

There are ways to avoid this rule, such as sending invitations from Invajo, then the email address is already known to the system and you do not need to verify it.

If you want to share the link after all, you can your contacts in the system but not send the invitations. Now if anybody with a email that you have uploaded they do not need to confirm their booking information.

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