Link to the booking page. These links are the "address" of the booking page itself. Each event has its own url.

When the booking page is activated, that’s when, the slider is set “Go live”, the visitors reach your eventpage.

There is a short link and a full link. Both are equally good to use. The short link can be good to spread, for example, in social media when you have limitations in the number of characters.

If the booking page is not activated, that’s if, the slider is set to off, visitors will instead land on Invajo's home page.

Open Booking Page

Maybe you want to spread the link to the booking page elsewhere? Maybe post the link on your intranet or in a newsletter? Then you need to click in the box "Anyone can see the event page”- then anyone can access the booking page / event page through the link.

Closed booking page

If you want the booking page to be accessed only from a unique invitation link through the Invajo system, choose "Only invited guests can see the event page". Then only invitees can reach the page through the link in the invitation.

Should a participant then copy the booking page url and spread it further, the link in these cases will lead to Invajo's home page.

Own domain for the booking page

If you want your own domain / url for your event, we can arrange it, contact for orders or questions.

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