When a booking is made via Invajo, the system will send out a Booking Confirmation to the Booker. The sender of the email is the organization name you selected under “Set up”.

Booking confirmation is mandatory.

For increased delivery and service to the subscription users' participants, both e-mail confimation and SMS confirmation are sent.

Rename sender of Booking Confirmation SMS

If you want to change your sender name on the SMS that goes through Invajo, you can click on "Booking confirmation" under "Messages" and then select "Booking confirmation SMS"

Unfortunately, there are restrictions on the number of characters for the sender name. Maximum 11 characters, only a-z and more than 2 characters. This is because there are external rules of the telephone operators regarding how the sender's name may be formatted. Iphones will also format short sender names differently with extra characters if you only have 2 characters.

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