With Invajo you can create a Pleasure account and a Business account using two different email addresses for the account but you only need to log in using one of your connected email.

Note - Different type of user accounts is only applicable if you have a subscription / business account./en/pricing The Pleasure version of Invajo only offers one type of user.

If you have an active subscription/Business Account you will manage three different types of users:

  • Owner
  • Administrator
  • User

As an Owner you “own” the account are entitled and/or responsible for

  • Create events
  • Manage users and user permissions
  • Permission to see all events created by users within the same subscription/business account
  • Account financials such as subscription fee, transactions, payouts
  • Privacy policy, GDPR
  • Manage account contacts such as blacklist management

As an Administrator you are entitled to create events but also manage all events created by other users within the same subscription / business account

As an User you can only manage and see events events assigned to you.

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