Participant information when making the booking

When booking, names, emails and mobile numbers are mandatory for each participant. To gather additional information from your participants, you add more questions (for example, diet deviation, company name, position). They can be answered with free text, selected choice alternative or multiple choice answer.

Mandatory information

In order to deliver a good service to both you and your users, name, email and mobile number are always mandatory. This means that you get contact data on all participants, which facilitates all your communication with the guests.

The information is automatically added as a field when booking - as an administrator you do not need to make any special settings.

What is good to ask for?

One tip is to only ask for things that are relevant to the booking. This may include, for example, company names, positions or dietary preferences.

Set up different response types

Choose the answer type that you think is best for the question. If you prefer open answers, select "text", but if you prefer to control the answers, select "choice". When you want to give participants the opportunity to answer multiple options on a question, you set up "Multiple Choice" instead.

Make a question voluntary to answer

When a question is not mandatory, click the green checkbox.

Change the order of the questions

Use the drag and drop arrow on the right edge of each question to change the order.

Other settings

However, you can customize your added questions so that they appear only on the booking options where the question is relevant. Select the booking option below and then deactivate the questions you do NOT want to be shown / answered when registering for this option.

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